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We are GPS Tuner, specializing in developing white-label apps for eBike manufacturers, packed with innovative features and AI capabilities to enhance the riding experience.

Seamlessly navigate your routes with real-time GPS and turn-by-turn directions tailored for eBikes, eScooters, and throttle bikes

Our Navigation feature ensures riders can easily find the best routes and discover new paths optimized for their specific vehicle. This functionality enhances the riding experience, making it safer and more enjoyable, while also promoting exploration and adventure.

Precise Range Calculation
Accurately calculate your remaining range based on current battery levels, terrain, and riding habits

Precise Range Calculation gives riders confidence by providing accurate estimates of how far they can travel before needing a recharge. This feature reduces range anxiety, allowing users to plan their rides more effectively and ensuring they can reach their destinations without unexpected battery depletion.

Draw and Plan
Easily draw and plan your custom routes with intuitive tools designed for eBikes and eScooters

The Draw and Plan feature empowers riders to create personalized routes, incorporating their favourite trails, scenic paths, and essential stops. This customization fosters a more personal connection with the ride, catering to both recreational and commuting needs, and ensuring users can tailor their journeys to their preferences.

Monitor your ride statistics, battery status, and performance metrics in a comprehensive dashboard

The Dashboard provides a centralized hub for riders to track their performance, view real-time data, and analyze historical ride statistics. By offering insights into battery health, speed, distance, and more, this feature helps users optimize their riding habits and maintain their e-vehicles more effectively.

Motor Tuning
Fine-tune your motor settings for optimal performance and efficiency based on your riding style

Motor Tuning allows riders to customize their eBike or eScooter's motor parameters, enhancing performance according to their preferences. Whether prioritizing speed, power, or battery conservation, this feature ensures that each ride is perfectly aligned with the rider's expectations and needs.

Connect seamlessly with IoT devices for enhanced functionality and data sharing

Our IoT Integration feature enables riders to connect their e-vehicles with a wide range of smart devices, including smart glasses and lockers. This connectivity not only enhances the riding experience with additional functionalities but also opens up new possibilities for innovation and convenience in e-mobility.

Account management
Manage your profile, preferences, and ride history with a robust account management system

Account Management provides users with a secure and user-friendly platform to oversee their profiles, preferences, and ride data. By offering a personalized and streamlined interface, this feature enhances user engagement and satisfaction, ensuring a consistent and tailored experience across different devices and rides.

Enjoy seamless integrations with popular platforms and devices like SRAM, Komoot, Strava, HR sensors, and more

These integrations allow riders to extend their app's functionality by connecting with renowned platforms and devices. Whether syncing ride data to Strava, planning routes with Komoot, or monitoring health metrics with HR sensors, these integrations provide a richer and more comprehensive riding experience, catering to the diverse needs of modern eVehicle users.


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