EV Navigation

Seamless route planning and charging plan for EVs

EV Navigation is an easy-to-use application designed to assist EV owners in planning trips with their electric vehicles. It provides comprehensive turn-by-turn navigation, including charging stops, to maximize the convenience of EV usage.

Smooth EV Journeys

Hassle-Free Route and Charging Solutions

For trips extending beyond the current range, charging the car is essential. EV Navigation
aids in planning the entire journey, suggesting the most optimal charging stops. Users can choose preferred charging networks, mark favorite stations, and set desired battery levels at the destination, as well as minimum levels for the trip, enhancing safety for those concerned about low battery situations.

Route planning with charging stops
Worldwide coverage
400+ EV types supported
Turn-by-turn voice guidance
Android Auto / Apple CarPlay
Handsfree operations
Trip history
True range estimation
Weather conditions

Range prediction 2.0

Our range calculation takes into account various factors such as the specific car model, current battery state, number of passengers, tire pressure, driving style, external temperature, wind conditions, and road gradient.

Interestingly, even the tire pressure can significantly affect range, potentially impacting it by as much as 8 percent. Wind speed and direction also have a considerable impact.


Enhance your existing app with EV optimized Mapping and Navigation

EV route planning, mapping and navigation APIs offer a range of benefits that make them invaluable tools for app developers targeting the EV market.

By providing optimized routes, navigation, customizable map and energy consumption estimates. These APIs not only enhance the functionality of an application but contribute to a more sustainable and efficient driving experience for EV owners.

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