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GPS Tuner, a leader in eMobility software solutions, offers white-label apps for any platform. Trusted by over 2M users since 2003, our expertise ensures top-notch navigation and route planning.

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    At the 12th edition of Eurobike, GPS TUNER proudly showcased our groundbreaking technology to industry professionals. Over the first three days, we engaged with partners and friends, unveiling a series of thrilling new developments. One of the highlights was our demonstration of V2X technology in collaboration with Commsignia and the integration of VUZIX Smartglass, both […]

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    This marks our 12th edition, showcasing cutting-edge technology in the biking industry. We invite our partners and all industry enthusiasts to visit our booth and explore our latest innovations. Let’s drive the future of biking together! 🌟 We are going to show a lot of new things during the whole event, and the first edition […]

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    The rise of RESTful APIs has been met by a rise in tools for creating, testing, and managing them.

    About us

    Expanding horizons - Cross platform eMobility solutions for your business.




    Years expertise


    Finished projects


    Number of users

    Core values

    Reliable, flexible and ready-to-launch solutions

    All the system components entirely developed inhouse giving us the highest level of control, security and customization.

    In-house solutions
    Everything from one hand

    All software components (including mapping, routing and range estimation) are developed in-house, which gives a high level of security and extreme flexibility for custom projects. We are always open to new ideas or custom requirements.

    E-Mobility maniac
    Innovation since 2003

    GPS Tuner has been in the navigation software business since 2003 and focusing on e-mobility since 2012. Several granted patents secure our business which are related to EV /E-mobility range visualization, route calculation and navigation methods.

    Collaborative success
    Long-term partnerships

    We truly believe in working long-term with our partners and supporting them over the years with updates and maintenance of the software solutions we provide. Most of our B2B connections are already longer than 5 years, but we also have some 10+ years of partnerships.

    E-bike / E-scooter Connection Expert

    In the last decade, we heavily focused on bike-connected software products and applications. GPS Tuner is in the unique position to have cooperation with most of the e-drive system providers and implement their protocol into our applications. Connection will not be an issue with us.

    Wide range
    All types of vehicles

    We have a full scale of different route calculation and range prediction methods for bikes/e-bikes (city, trekking, race, mtb, gravel), E-scooters, E-motorcycles and EVs. Based on the feedback from our massive user base (>2M users) gives the possibility to further fine-tune these algorithms.

    Speed matters

    We can create your customized app for your brand and launch it in 4 weeks including user accounts, bike/scooter connection, mapping, navigation, trip recording, social platform integration, settings and maintenance. As part of the service, GPS Tuner can support and maintain the whole application domain through the full lifecycle of the related products.


    Our Mission to revolutionize smart mobility with innovative, reliable, and user-friendly navigation for bikes, e-bikes, LEVs, and EVs, ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys.


    How We Work

    Discover how our team powers your ride seamlessly. Through collaborative innovation and rigorous testing, we ensure every aspect of your eMobility application exceeds expectations.

    • "Working with GPS Tuner allowed us to bring the Trek Central App to life faster than we ever could have on our own. Having such a great development partner in GPS Tuner has made all the difference in the world for Trek and has allowed us to create and continue to evolve something we are extremely proud of. The Trek Central App elevates the eBike experience for our riders, and also elevates the Trek brand. The GPS Tuner team not only has great developers but also great communicators and that makes all the difference in our shared success."

      Christopher "Ned" Carlson

      Director of E-Systems and Digital Product - Trek Bicycle
    • "We have worked together with GPS Tuner to develop our ZF digital landscape for the e-bike market for several years. GPS Tuner is a highly reliable partner who has proven great flexibility. We are looking forward to the implementation of the jointly developed digital feature roadmap."

      Michael Falkus

      Product Manager - ZF Friedrichshafen AG - Industrial Technology & Micro Mobility
    • “The collaboration with GPS Tuner is extremely professional, solution-oriented and of the highest quality. The software product developed for us is currently unique on the global market and is a perfect fit for our Swiss premium e-scooter brand."

      Dany Dätwiler

      Founder & Owner - VMAX E-Scooter
    • "Their motivated team provides an exceptional app with a user-friendly interface, accurate GPS tracking, and reliable battery monitoring for efficient ride planning. The app's smart route planning accounts for battery usage, and features like motor performance settings, and diagnostics enhance usability. Customer support is prompt and dedicated to ensuring a great user experience. Best app out there. Kudos!"

      Ilaria Chiodi

      Bike Product Manager - FANTIC Motor s.p.a.
    • "Thanks to GPS Tuner, our customers have the best product they could wish for. You can feel how much love and knowledge has gone into this product. No other application could offer what we have with GPS Tuner. It's only when you live your product, not just develop it, that you can create something so great."

      Ralf Leiser

      Product Manager - MTS Group - Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH

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